Let’s Discover What’s Possible

“Colton Groome taught us that money’s primary role is the accomplishment of what’s possible. So that’s where they started: what could our life look like if we think beyond the obvious?”

CGF Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/18/20)

How We Work

We Start with You, Not Your Assets

Whether it’s family wealth, your business, or a nonprofit – exploring your unique situation takes priority over numbers.

To us, you are so much more than just a dollar amount. That’s why our relationship begins with an in-depth conversation, where we get to know you, your goals, and your dreams.

Exploring All Possibilities

Our Discovery Process helps us discover what’s in your best interest – not just what’s “suitable.” That’s our responsibility as your Fiduciary.

  1. First, we ask thorough questions to help you fully envision the future – something in which we have a great deal of experience.
  2. Next, we advise you on the tools, processes, and people needed to take you there.
  3. Only then does it make sense to look at specific strategies and investments.

An Ongoing Process

Our method does not stop after the Discovery Meeting.

Your life evolves and political and economic landscapes change. Even the best strategy must remain flexible to meet the unknown. You can rely on us to continually work with you to refine your plan through changing times and circumstances.

Our desire is for you to prosper and live your best life, in every stage along the way. We get it, life is busy. Allow our skilled team to help you find your vision for the future. Then we’ll roll up our sleeves, work on your behalf, and help it all come true.


Let's talk possibilities!

Highly Focused

To be most effective, we limit the number of clients we will serve. This ensures:

  • You have our undivided attention.
  • We stay finely tuned both to your current needs and plans for the future.
  • We can devote our energy to curating the perfect set of tools, people and resources best suited for your journey to prosperity.

“They know they can help us best by focusing on their strengths and being selective in who they serve.”

CGF Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/18/20)

What’s it Actually Like?

Explore what it means to be a Colton Groome client

Let's Talk Possibilities

An initial consult will answer your questions and help us both assess a mutual good fit for your needs.

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