Dear Clients,

This is a simple update to keep you informed in the event Colton Groome implements a temporary work-from-home policy under COVID-19 concerns:

Colton Groome is fully prepared in the event of a quarantine. Each Colton Groome employee is provided with a company laptop for running each day-to-day operation from home. Employees are also provided a  monthly technology stipend to ensure phones and internet are provided for within their individual homes for work-from-home situations. All systems are cloud-based and can be accessed from individual employee locations. 

If you have an upcoming meeting scheduled and no longer feel comfortable meeting face-to face, Colton Groome has two video conferencing lines available. We can meet electronically, securely sharing all documents digitally. If you would like to change your appointment to a web conference, please reach out directly to Matt Hagan via or (828) 252-1816.

If Colton Groome implements a work-from-home policy, you will be the first to know. Do you have additional questions? Call us directly at (828) 252-1816. 


Matt & Tate Groome