Charles Schwab & Company to eliminate specific trading commissions.

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Colton Groome & Company is proud of its ability to deliver global resources with local accountability. One example of this is our choice of using Charles Schwab & Company to hold/custody/trade client investment accounts. Our Investment Committee believes Schwab is a household name that instills a high degree of confidence in investors' minds. We also find Schwab to be an industry disruptor when it comes to servicing and pricing.

Recently, Schwab announced that it is eliminating trading commissions on trades involving U.S. Stocks and ETF's. More information about the announcement can be found in the press release accessed here:

This exciting announcement means that Colton Groome client accounts at Schwab will:

  • no longer be charged $4.95 to trade certain ETFs, resulting in a direct savings to our clients!
  • And our investment committee, who always considers cost as part of the selection process, will now have an even broader field of ETF's to choose from.

We are excited to share this news with you! If you have questions, please contact your Colton Groome Advisor.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you.


The Colton Groome Investment Committee

(from left to right) Colin Larsen, Director of Personal Finance Strategies; Matt Donohue, Financial Analyst; George M. Groome, Board Chair; Matt Groome, Co-CEO and Director of Retirement Plans; Erick Robinson, Investment Services Coordinator

Charles Schwab & Company is a separate entity from Colton Groome & Company and Valmark Securities, Inc.
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