Forbes Names Tate Groome as a TOP 100 Insurance Professional in the U.S.

For many years, Forbes Magazine has been ranking wealth management professionals. However, in 2021, Forbes expanded their research, with the help of SHOOK Research. Within the group of Financial Security Professionals, the Top 100 ranking insurance professionals manage more than $24 Billion in client policies.

How were top-ranking insurance professionals selected and ranked?

SHOOK Research claims its rankings are based on one simple notion: “Would we recommend these professionals to a family member or friend?” SHOOK elaborates that numbers don’t tell enough of the story. While numbers are important, Forbes and SHOOK were looking for individuals who seemed best prepared to engage in more meaningful conversations about life, while also protecting against the perils posed by disability, death or job loss. (See the reference article, here)

The research process began by scouting life insurance companies, banks, brokerages, agencies, custodians, and other nominations. Financial Security Professionals are licensed life insurance and annuity professionals, but may also hold other accreditations and licenses to provide services such as investments and securities. SHOOK interviewed and sifted through 15,000 considered professionals prior to making its decision to publishing by Forbes. However, a whopping 32,325 insurance professionals were nominated for consideration, for a full ranking of 250 professionals.

The Minimum Requirements Were:

  • 7 years as a Financial Securities Professional (FSP)
  • Minimum of 1 year at their current firm
  • Recommended and nominated by their firm (or broker dealer)
  • Completed an online survey
  • Professionally focus on individuals rather than institutions
  • Acceptable compliance record

The Quantitative Elements Researched Were:

  • Production/premiums, death benefits and assets under management (weightings assigned for each)
  • Client-related trends and data, such as persistency rates
  • Portfolio performance is not a factor; audited returns among professionals are rare, and differing client objectives provide varying returns

The Qualitative Elements Researched Were:

  • Telephone and in-person meetings with professionals (if an in-person meeting could not be accomplished, exceptions were considered in which the interview occurred after a ranking had been published)
  • Professionals that exhibit “best practices” within their practices and approach to working with clients
  • Compliance records & Form U4s. Since there are many gray areas, the SHOOK team was willing to listen to a firm that stands behind the FSP with written support from leadership
  • FSPs that provide a full client experience: service model, planning process, breadth of services, including extensive use of firm’s platform and resources
  • Credentials and years of service
  • Use of team & team dynamics
  • Level of community involvement
  • Discussions with management, peers and competing peers

The Ranking Algorithm Used:

The algorithm SHOOK developed was designed to fairly compare the business practices of a large group of FSPs based on quantitative and qualitative elements. Data was weighted to ensure priorities were given to dynamics such as best practices, business models, recent business activity, etc. Each variable was graded and represented a certain value for each measured component. The algorithm measured thousands of FSPs against one another.

How Colton Groome Financials’ Co-CEO, Tate Groome, Ranked out of 32,325 Nominees:

George Tate Groome was ranked in the TOP 100 for Securities Professionals across the United States, and 2nd in North Carolina!

G. Tate Groome, CFP®, CLU®, AEP®

See the full list, here:

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*The Forbes ranking of Top Financial Security Professionals, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on an algorithm of qualitative criteria, mostly gained through telephone and in-person due diligence interviews, and quantitative data. Those advisors that are considered have a minimum of seven years’ experience, and the algorithm weights factors like revenue trends, assets under management, compliance records, industry experience and those that encompass best practices in their practices and approach to working with clients. Out of approximately 32,725 nominations received, based on thresholds, more than 5,000 advisors received the award. Portfolio performance is not a criteria due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Neither Forbes nor SHOOK receives a fee in exchange for rankings. This ranking is not indicative of advisor’s future performance, is not an endorsement, and may not be representative of individual clients’ experience. After the award was issued, a licensing fee was paid in the amount of $3000 to allow permissions for the logos and other licenses to announce the award. Neither Valmark Securities, Inc or Valmark Advisers, Inc nor any of its Financial Professionals pay a fee in exchange for this award/rating. Valmark Securities, Inc and Valmark Advisers, Inc. is not affiliated with Forbes or Shook Research, LLC. Please visit for more info.