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Colton Groome & Company has managed financial strategies through 13 market downturns and recoveries since our founding in 1950. We have the experience and tools required to help you navigate the global financial markets during times of both uncertainty and expansion. Our Investment Committees have four primary goals for your investment portfolios:

  1. Protecting your hard-earned money from an investor’s two worst enemies: market downturns and inflation
  2. Leveraging knowledge and research from some of the leading global resources
  3. Focusing on independent thinking and research
  4. Targeting the real issues in the economy and markets that will affect your money

 Gain-Protect-Spend Portfolio Series:

Like a GPS device, the Gain-Protect-Spend Portfolio Series is designed to tell you where you are, identify where you want to go, and provide a clear route to your destination.

Our investment strategies are designed to accumulate, preserve, and distribute wealth within the ever-changing world of opportunities and challenges.


For a more in-depth overview of Gain-Protect-Spend, click the image of the brochure.


Gain through Active Asset Allocation

Active Asset Allocation provides flexible accumulation strategies seeking opportunities in global markets with the goal of providing long-term wealth appreciation.

Flexibility to Adapt
Active Asset Allocation portfolios seek out opportunities within equity and fixed income markets. This dynamic apporoach is designed to enhance investor returns and grow wealth amid a rapidly changing economic environment. A flexible approach provides the ability to adjust your portfolio to market opportunities and challenges.

Protect through Risk Assist®

Risk Assist® delivers systematic preservation strategies, designed to eliminate emotionally-driven investing decisions when markets are turbulent. This strategy is designed to provide a smoother overall investment experience and deliver consistent wealth-building results in both good and bad markets.

Risk Mitigation
When the stock market takes a turn for the worse, Risk Assist®  responds by gradually shifting the portfolio away from investments that are more sensitive to downward market conditions (like equities) to investments that are less sensitive to market corrections (like fixed-income). Market conditions are routinely measured to determine when it’s necessary to make these adjustments. When it is believed the severe risk conditions have abated, the portfolio will be gradually shift back to it’s original growth objective.

Spend through Real Spend®

Real Spend® portfolio distribution strategies allocate a Spending Reserve that is actively managed to promote the longevity of your nest egg through exposure to global equity and fixed income markets. Pairing with Risk Assist® also seeks to mitigate unrecoverable losses during periods of market turbulence.

Income Longevity
The goal of the Real Spend® distribution strategy is to move investment gains from the investment portion of the account to replenish the Spending Reserve, needed for withdrawals. It does this while attempting to minimize the probability of outliving the account, relative to any fixed-allocation strategy and real inflation-adjusted withdrawals of cash during retirement.


The Optimized Portfolio System (TOPS)™:

  • The TOPS™ portfolios place emphasis on after-tax capital appreciation and inflation protection over long time periods by utilizing low-cost, broadly diversified, and tax-efficient strategies.
  • TOPS™ portfolios are passively managed strategies utilizing Exchange-Traded Funds.

Investment Advisory

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Asset Allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

Strategies are subject to risks including general market risk and risks related to economic conditions. Underlying investments fluctuate in price and may be sold at a price lower than the purchase price resulting in a loss of principal. The underlying investments are neither FDIC insured nor guaranteed by the U.S. Government. There may be economic times where all investments are unfavorable and depreciate in value. Clients may lose money. Risk Assist® is NOT a guarantee. Risk Assist® is a strategy that seeks to limit exposure and mitigate loss by changing investment components. There  may be times where all investments and strategies are unfavorable and depreciate in value. Risk Assist® is a registered trademark of Horizon Investments, LLC.

Real Spend® is a strategy that seeks to maintain a spending level based on assumptions that may not be realized. Its success could be negatively impacted by actual market conditions, investment performance, and client spending levels. Real Spend® is a registered trademark of Horizon Investments, LLC.