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Week of July 3, 2017

The U.S. economy during the first quarter of 2017 grew at a faster pace than initially reported, according to data released last week. U.S. GDP increased at a 1.4% annual rate (versus the 1.2% rate reported in May) due in large part to stronger consumer spending. Although that growth rate was low relative to several recent quarters, it beat analysts’ expectations.

In the U.S., equities posted small losses for the week as faltering tech stocks pulled down the market. The technology sector once again came under pressure on investors’ continued worries about tech stocks’ valuations in the wake of their run-up earlier this year.

Additionally, last Tuesday’s decision by the Senate to postpone the vote on its controversial healthcare bill had some investors worried about the prospect of tax reform happening this year. They argue there may not be enough time to pass tax reform, given Congress’ late summer vacation followed by debt ceiling issues to address near Labor Day...

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