Thorough Structure and Impressive Follow-Through

“CGF is very process oriented with a solid structure to follow. Their project management of the transition and plan dollars was really exceptional and impressive. It gave me the confidence that it was all going to go well.”

CGF Business Retirement Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/15/20)


Business Retirement Plans

The Benefit of Having a Retirement Plan Advisor

As a business owner, nonprofit director, or a retirement plan fiduciary, you know how complicated business retirement plans can be. The general legalese, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) limits, and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations are overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to have a true retirement plan fiduciary in your corner. Colton Groome Financial provides the assurance and structure your business retirement plan needs, allowing you to focus on your employees and business.

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The Colton Groome Difference

A Single, Cohesive Point of Contact

Many investment advisors treat Business Retirement Plans as an ancillary business line. The retirement plan industry is highly regulated and exacting. That’s why Colton Groome Financial created a multifaceted team, unique in western North Carolina.

Members of our Retirement Plan Team have an exceptional skill set and specialize in a variety of retirement benefits including:

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Non-qualified retirement plans

Our team’s qualifications provide us with the capability to:

  • Create more engagement with your employees,
  • Educate your staff
  • Direct you toward a better-suited and more cost-efficient employee benefit
  • Lead your plan to its greatest potential

Our Retirement Plan department is intentionally credentialed as a whole, to work as a whole, so we can act as the single point of contact for your HR, finance, and administrative teams.

“Previous vendors were capable and confident, but they didn’t educate us. I don’t want my vendor holding all the knowledge and leaving me in the dark. Colton Groome explained so we felt confident in our own understanding. We feel entirely supported by their people.”

CGF Business Retirement Plan Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/15/20)

Global Resources Served with Local Accountability

Colton Groome Financial understands the importance of experience, paired with collaboration. Our skilled local team brings with it the benefit of access to one of the nation’s largest and best resourced independent retirement plan brain trusts: RPAG (Retirement Plan Advisory Group). As a group member, we utilize RPAG for supplementary feedback and national data regarding:

  • Investment due diligence
  • Fee benchmarking
  • Employee financial wellness
  • Fiduciary compliance
  • Ongoing, continued education
  • Data aggregation, and more

“Most firms don’t realize how important immediate expert response is to us. We don’t have SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTs in house, but with Colton Groome they fill that role for us. It is a very valuable relationship.”

CGF Business Retirement Plan Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/15/20)

A Transparent Structure That Instills Confidence

Graphic portrays the 3(21) Fiduciary process. CGF can also serve as a 3(38) Investment Manager.

ADDED VALUE: Employee Outreach & Education

As part of a competitive rewards package, one measure of your retirement plan’s effectiveness as a benefit is the level of plan participation – a marker for employee financial wellness.

To help guide your employees toward their brightest future, CGF spends a great deal of time educating employees. We inform them on not only reaching retirement, but enjoying long-term financial wellness after they do.

We provide annual employee seminars plus the extra offering of a free individual review and assessment meeting every year for each plan participant. We teach the zero-balance budget approach. This method ensures they know where every single one of their dollars is going each month and is one of the easiest ways to empower individuals and families to make their financial goals a reality.

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