Growing Your Success.
Managing the Complexity.

“Colton Groome taught us that money’s primary role is the accomplishment of what’s possible. So that’s where they started: what could our life look like if we think beyond the obvious?”

CGF Financial Planning Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/10/20)


Financial Planning

A Custom Approach to Your Needs, Goals & Risk Tolerance

Don’t be put off by the complexity that may come with increasing your net worth over a lifetime. The question is:

  • Do you have a plan for increasing financial opportunities throughout your life?
  • Who is helping you manage the complexity as your wealth grows?
  • Who will track the execution and results?
  • How long will your advisor guide you and the next generation?

This is where our people shine. No matter how diverse your income sources, assets, or investments, our integrated method will make your situation easy to understand. You will know exactly where you are in pursuit of your goals.

It’s your wealth – you deserve to see how it’s working for you.

Curious to see what guidance Colton Groome can offer you?

The Genius of CGF’s Comprehensive Approach

Our financial planning service combines two powerful components:

  1. A DEDICATED TEAM of financial management specialists to help you build and manage a lifelong financial plan.
  2. PREMIER TOOLS that help you manage today’s finances AND track any strategy we create and manage for you.

The Power of Team + Tools

When you utilize both our team and state-of-the-art tools you enjoy:

  • 7 Decades of financial and insurance expertise.
  • Proactively scheduled financial planning meetings with access to your advisory team at any time.
  • 24/7 access to your own custom site where you can monitor your financial outlook.
  • An electronic vault to digitally safeguard and retrieve all of your vital documents whenever needed.
  • The confidence of having a plan that can withstand unexpected shifts in the markets.

“Honestly, we couldn’t say what our 5-10-15 year plans and retirement goals were, or how we were moving toward those. The vision and insights from Colton Groome were invaluable.”

CGF Financial Planning Client
(unpaid testimonial, 12/18/20)

Your Plans are Unique. Your Investing Needs to Reflect That.

Whether you want us to manage your investments or you consider yourself a savvy investor, discover all we can offer you.

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Wealth Management

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