A Truly Independent Approach to Investing

“Everybody says ‘Fiduciary’ nowadays. But how can they really mean it when they’re only allowed to steer me toward a finite group of investment options? The people at Colton Groome are tireless in finding what’s best for my situation.”

CGF Investment Management Client
(unpaid testimonial, 1/8/20)


Investment Management

A Science and an Art

The ART of Investment Management is serving as equal parts financial strategist and curator of solutions.

At Colton Groome we’ve turned that art into a SCIENCE, allowing us to truly understand your goals and return needs. We then balance your time horizon and risk tolerance with liquidity needs, tax implications and legal constraints.

With a seasoned team and global partners we not only have the resources to manage the financial assets of individuals, multi-generational families, and institutions, we also counsel clients on investments outside of traditional financial assets.

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Our Integrated Approach

Our philosophy is that the right financial plan yields the right asset allocation. This makes all the difference in achieving your goals, and we do it through our integrated Investment Policy Statement (/PS) Process.

Constructing Your Customized Portfolio

Guided by your custom Investment Policy Statement, we then apply a practiced, disciplined and repeatable process, designed to align your portfolio with your beliefs, goals, and objectives. At Colton Groome Financial, we believe in a Top-Down/Bottom-Up method.

Top-Down incorporates a focus on the big picture: macroeconomic factors, the economy as a whole, and an overall industry. Bottom-Up brings attention to each specific investment and the fundamentals of the underlying company.

We practice an open-architecture environment to build better client portfolios. “Open” allows us to consider almost any investment in the marketplace, free of potential conflicts that might arise if we were limited to offering the investment products of only one company, bank or insurance carrier. Our internal research and Investment Committee’s team approach are vital components for this disciplined process:

Your Custom Portfolio Recommendations

The Assurance RIA Means for You

Colton Groome Financial is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Put simply, this means we have a fiduciary requirement to unconditionally put our client’s best interests ahead of our own, no matter what circumstances arise.

We are also legally bound to disclose any possible conflicts of interest to our clients. We have a mandate to act in an ethical manner in all of our business dealings, which fits perfectly with the standards and ethics we have long embraced.

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Investment Management

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