The 2020 Annual Review Has Arrived!

This year’s newsletter was a special one: Colton Groome’s 70th Anniversary Edition!

This Newsletter covers our most important topics for the “Year of Re: Re-Focus, Re-Build, and Re-Imagine.”

  • Meet our new Teammates: Garst Reese and Robin Barber
  • Learn more about the Powerhouse Women of Colton Groome
  • See our Spotlight Non-Profit for 2020: My Daddy Taught Me That
  • Read about the HUMAN IMPACT of Colton Groome’s intangible services in 2020
  • View our 70 Years of History on a simplified timeline from Henry Colton’s founding in 1950, to today!

Don’t miss out on all the details. Download your version by clicking the newsletter below, followed by the download button.