United Way’s Days of Impact—April 6, 2017

Colton Groome Closing Early for
Days of Impact Volunteer Event

Colton Groome & Company will be closed on the afternoon of April 6, 2017, after 1pm, for a Corporate Volunteer Service Event through United Way’s Days of Impact.

Colton Groome will be volunteering for the POP (Pages Opening People) Project in Asheville, NC. The POP Project is a local nonprofit working to spread the power and possibilities of literacy through a greater access to books. In recognition of the strong correlation between access to books, long-term literacy levels, educational and professional success, and susceptibility to entering the corrections system, POP works to improve every community member’s access to books, and ultimately their ability to succeed.

If you would like to learn more about United Way’s Days of Impact program, or would like to volunteer in the Fall of 2017, please reach out to Diamond Adams at dadams@coltongroome.com for more information. If you need to place a trade while Colton Groome Associates are out for the afternoon, please call 1(800)765-5201.