Vaccine Optimism Offsets Virus Outbreaks

gloves holding Coronavirus, Covid 19 virus, vaccine vial

Market Commentary: Week of July 20, 2020
Written by Horizon Investments, LLC.

COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines, as hotspot states struggle to control their outbreaks. Democratic Representative of Florida Donald Shalala called his state’s situation “totally out of control.” Despite the viral surge, vaccine optimism drove some sectors of the market higher as multiple vaccine candidates showed breakthroughs in development.

Equity Markets Mixed Last Week as Vaccine Optimism Offsets Virus Outbreaks

Equities were mixed on the week, led by U.S. small caps (RTY 3.6%), U.S. industrials (DJI 2.3%) and international developed markets (MXEA 2.2%). The S&P 500 notched a bit higher as well (SPX 1.3%). Tech reversed its bullish trend, however, ending the week firmly lower (NDX -1.8%). Emerging markets also struggled (MXEF -1.2%) [Figure 1].

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